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We will brainwash you.......

As part of the Seanhi [Sean+Dhani] street team, fourthtimeround and I bring you a brand new spankin' community devoted to our favorite boys: ohn0 - sorry if it's been killing your F-Lists. IT'S A GOOD CAUSE.

Hey guys! :D

[ Just dropping a line to invite you all to join...


....the first Livejournal community dedicated to Dhani Harrison & Sean Lennon! ]

[ If you love either one of these boys, or both (a Seanhi)
you are free to discuss them and/or stalk them with us.
Just kid. But really...every LJ fandom community is kind of stalk-ish =]
So check us out!
And if you are interested, go right ahead and take the journey.
Or affiliate?
We'd love to have you! <3 ]

I'll be doing a proper post soon but pleeeaase join. Sean and Dhani are too cute to resist, seriously. ^___^
Lost ~ Sun


Yup, finally caving in... I post about kinda personal things in here and I think it's about time I do this. Comment and that whole deal. Mostly likely I'll add you back if we have a few things in common :]

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